Club leotards

To order your club leotard you can order through Katia, alternatively you can now buy online through “The Zone” if you use the following link:


(Each image has a link to the website and appropriate page)


                                             Size 22-32           Size 34-42

Leotard kingfisher               £18.00                 £21.00
Lycra long sleeves



Leotard Kingfisher               £17.00                £20.00
Lycra Sleeveless 

CODE: Z103CAD                           


Velour kingfisher blue               £20.00                 £ 22.00
Sleeveless leotard



Velour kingfisher blue             £ 24.00                    £28.00
Long sleeves 



Velour, square neck 
Sleeveless with sparkle            £22.00                   £24.00




Shorts navy blue                       £11.95                  £12.95 

velour/smooth or Crushed



T-Shirts and Hoodies

T-Shirts: £9                                 

Logo on left.                            
Name in centre on back.


Hoodies: £20

Logo on left.                           
Name in centre on back.


Note: Club T-shirts for £9, Hoodies £20. Hoodies/T-shirt orders will be processed once five orders have been taken.

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